Play Theme // Emotions

Oh this play theme has been so much fun and has stirred up a lot of great conversations with Emma. She is really getting to the age where she can identify her feelings but still needs help managing them ;) I think the person who came up with the phrase 'all the feels' had a toddler because we really experience all the feels in a thirty seconds or less. These books and activities have been a great way to encourage both of my babes and their very different personalities.


Lit Loves


I drew  a few different emotion faces on some plastic eggs and we read, In My Heart by Jo Witek. This book is so gorgeous and so helpful in teaching emotions. Emma changed out the tops and bottoms of the plastic eggs and realized how quickly the emotions changed.

I traced those shapes for the paper plate face on paper and had Emma color it. I cut them out and loosely attached them to the plate using mini paper fasteners. We read through, The Way I Feel and Emma moved the shapes to create different emotions.


Invitation to Play with Play-doh

We made different emotions using foam shapes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes & beads.

I created these fun play-doh mats that you can download for free by clicking the picture below! This was a great fine motor, sensory activity and a way for Emma and I to talk about when she feels each of the emotions.

Baby Play


We keep Henry involved in our play themes primarily through reading board books. We were able to have a little 1:1 time this week so we read our books in front of the mirror and imitated all of the faces.

Visual Aide for Frustration

Toddlers are at such a unique and challenging stage because they want to be independent but still need so much help. This has been a big cause for frustration in Emma and she doesn't always know how to manage it. I created this 'Frustration Choices Chart,' that she can refer to when she's having a hard time. It took a lot of teaching and sometimes I need to hand it to her mid meltdown but it has given her a way to communicate what she needs when she can't verbally express it. The chart gives her six options for calming activities to handle her frustration appropriately.

In the next couple weeks we will be working on our next theme, Eric Carle books featuring MudPuppy Toys!