DIY Playroom Bookshelves

My favorite part about our play themes (here, here & here) is switching out our books. I wanted to make some simple shelves that would display our themed books with the covers facing out and within reach of the kids! I had no idea what to get or where to start so I had my handy husband teach me everything he knows ;)


  • Two 8 ft. 1 x 4
  • Two 8 ft. 1 x 2
  • Tape Measure
  • Miter Saw or Circular Saw
  • Wood Glue
  • 100 & 220 Grade Sand Paper
  • Trim Nail Gun & Nails
  • Drill
  • Wood Screws 
  • Wood Stain (I used this specific color)

*We chose select grade boards in pine for this project. Common boards are cheaper but have more knots in the wood.


We used a miter saw and cut each board into 24 inch pieces.


We used wood glue to attach the pieces together. Then we used a trim nail gun to pull the pieces together and hold them as the glue dried. 


I used 100 and 220 grade sand paper to remove any excess glue and to smooth the surface. Using wood filler, I filled the nail holes and any other uneven surfaces on the shelf. Once it dried, I sanded over it one last time. 

At this point, you may want to paint the shelves. The pine has knots in it and so the stain takes to it differently in certain spots. That's the look I was going for so I went ahead and stained it!



John located the studs in the wall and mounted the shelves with wood screws using a drill.

We are currently displaying our emotions play theme books. Our activities for the #allthefeels theme will be up next week!