Play Theme // Things That GO!

We have been busy this week working on our play theme, 'Things That GO!' I was able to figure out some activities for my 9 month old and my 2 year old with this theme and it has been FUN! When I do a play theme like this, I never plan exactly when I will do each activity. I just make sure I have what I need on hand and pull things out as needed! Every day looks different around here and it is so nice to have a few structured activities to while we're at home together.

We were given a lot of these books when Henry was born, but some are from the library! Throughout the week, we read:

Baby & Toddler                                                                              


Fine Motor Play-doh Tracks

Together we read, What's in My Truck? We rolled out 'dirt and grass' and made tire tracks.

Sensory Puzzle Find

We were able to check this puzzle out from our library! Emma dug for the pieces in a bin with rick-rack and a drop or two of diluted lavender oil. We did this activity throughout the week before nap time and the oils calmed her down #momwin.

Pimp My Ride Toddler Edition // Car Wash

This was a favorite for sure! We collected some of our 'things that GO' items and put them in a big plastic container. Emma painted them with washable paint to her heart's desire and then had a 'car wash' in the sink.

Bubble Bath Road Building

My mom gave us this bath foam kit last year and we love it so much! 

Sensory Truck Dump

We have this set of balls that we filled our dump truck with. Henry really liked to load it up and dump them all back out!


Railroad Building

We are borrowing a Brio Train set from my mom and Emma will sit and play with it for an hour at a time! 

Little Blue Truck Activity Bundle

This has been our favorite book for awhile now. I made an activity pack that includes counting, sequencing, colors and pre-writing skills that goes along with the story. You can just click on the picture below to get the download! I hope you can enjoy it as much as we did!