Process Art

My little buddies are nineteen and a half months apart and I am always trying to think of activities that they can do (somewhat) together! I did this process art activity with my self-contained class when I taught Special Education. It's a fun, mess-free, sensory activity using things you probably already have!

plastic containers & lid / card stock paper / paint /  glitter / light-up bouncy balls

plastic containers & lid / card stock paper / paint /  glitter / light-up bouncy balls

I taped card stock paper to the bottom of the container. Then, I let Emma add her paint and bouncy balls. I tossed in the glitter for her because although I like to think I'm a fun mom, I'm not that fun. I'm also starting to think I have a thing for activities with plastic containers!

Our bouncy balls lit up really easily so even if Henry tapped on the lid or rocked it back and forth, it worked! Emma really liked jumping up and down with it and shaking it all around. 

This sweet scene only lasted a little while. Henry crawled on top of the container and Emma ran off to feed her babies a "snack." I just love being a mama to these intensely different babes!

I took the paper out and let it dry for a few hours. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out circles and make a quick little banner for their playroom. I love having their artwork up to decorate our house!

You can see by our books that we are starting a new playroom theme, "things that GO!" I will be posting our book study and some other activities soon!