Play Theme // Spring

I put play-doh in the bottom of each plastic cup and labeled them with number stickers. Emma was able to count and sort her flowers into each cup. I got the flowers at the dollar store and each stem had multiple flowers on it so I just cut them apart and sprayed them with a little perfume for fun!

Pre-Writing Skills

name letter Stamping

I pulled leaves from our tulips outside and used these letter stamps. I love them because they have upper and lowercase letters!


Click the image above to download the entire tracing bundle! This can be used as-is, laminated, or put into page protectors to be used multiple times.


Bubbling Spring Shapes

I put baking soda in Spring shape cookie cutters and vinegar with food coloring in these squeeze bottles. She thought this was so cool and asked to do it over and over again. I suggest getting a lot of vinegar ;)

Nature Walk

Bug Catcher

Baby fine/Gross Motor Play

It was a lot of hard work for my buddy to reach in and grab the bugs and then squeeze them into the "bug jar" they came in. You can find the bugs we have here. I just threw them in a plastic container and fastened some ribbon around it! 

Happy Spring!

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