Cooking with Kids // Hidden Veggie Smoothies

Emma has been a pretty picky eater since I started making her baby food at six months. And while we definitely still give her veggies at meals, incorporating them into smoothies reassures me that she's actually consuming them without the struggle!

We've tried a lot of different variations of smoothies but these two have been our favorite SIMPLE combinations so far. I like adding the plain greek yogurt in both of them for some added protein too.

Very Berry Kale Smoothie

Frozen fruit is cheaper, lasts longer and this way we don't need to add any ice!

We received our NINJA Blender as a wedding gift from some very dear friends of ours. It is one of our most used gifts! It blends everything so well and never leaves the 'hidden veggies' leafy!

Mixed Fruit Spinach Smoothie

Our two favorite smoothies are very similar in ingredients but different in taste! What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? [pina colada recipes also welcome ;)]