Behind The Name

Welcome to Yoga Pants & Pearls!

Photo by: Michelle Walker

Photo by: Michelle Walker

I really feel like the name of my blog encompasses what my life is like these days as a stay-at-home mom of two kiddos two and under. I have always been someone who prefers actually getting ready rather than lounging in sweats. In all honesty, it makes me feel like my best self. I don't know about you, but if my hair is curled and my nails are done, I sort of feel like I can conquer the world. Is that dramatic? Maybe. But it is also pretty accurate! I can remember getting my ears pierced at the mall in the second grade and asking for pearls (which were plastic) instead of the colored rhinestones that most little girls were getting. I also remember getting teased quite a bit in middle school for being, "so dressed up," which really meant I had on jeans instead of fleece pajama pants (still confused by that trend).

Flash forward fourteen years later and here I am in my yoga pants, unwashed hair on top of my head, & yogurt-stained shirt that I wore yesterday and then slept in. Are you confused by my dual personalities? Me too, but I also have never been this filled-to-the-brim happy before. Although I would prefer to look more put-together most days, I am filling that time with helping a two-year-old in and out of dress-up gowns, playing peek-a-boo, dancing in pajamas before breakfast and cleaning spilled milk off the floor for the millionth time. 

What I have found in my very short two and half years as a momma, is that there is such a balance to this motherhood gig. Making sure everyone is fed, but still finding time to sit and read, "just one (ten) more book(s) mommy!" Actually looking at my husband and hearing about his day, but also needing to put away all the laundry. I have learned that most task-oriented things can wait and that cuddles, kissing ouchies and laughing together is always more important. This, of course, is something I have to remind myself of everyday. Some days, every hour!

I have also struggled with finding the balance between my younger, more put-together self and my newer, sleep-deprived, heart-achingly happy self. Being a momma is the greatest job I have ever been blessed with. That being said, it is also the hardest. So much of who you are takes a backseat to the needs of the little people you are raising. I am slowly learning how important it is to foster my own passions and in turn, I am a much better mother, wife and friend. I hope this blog serves as a place where I can share the things that set my heart on fire! 

So in a never ending effort to find my own balance, you may see me at the grocery store dodging the isles with Frozen-themed cereal and digging snacks out of my purse but I will definitely be wearing my yoga pants AND my pearls :) that's balance my friends.